Thursday, September 26, 2013


I have never proclaimed to be a poet nor the daughter of a poet. In fact, I have never written a poem in my life. However, throughout this week during my quiet time I had phrases and poetic "lines" coming to mind. I began to journal those thoughts and this is what they yielded:

Well acquainted with heartache, calling loneliness her friend
Under the weight of abuse and betrayal she’d bend
Cruelty and violence were visiting kin
While mistreatment and insults clothed her skin

Where could she turn, who would understand?
Is there one who would lovingly offer their hand?
Secrets so plentiful and pain that abounds,
She found it much safer to quietly drown
No solace to be found neither day nor night;
Her memories torment and fill her with fright
Year after year she resolved this was her life,
Convinced she was destined to be companioned to strife

She embraced self-loathing and shame like lovers
And dreamed of the day this life would be over
Greeting her loved ones with no tear in her eye,
She built up walls so no one would pry
The prison she built was comfortable it seemed
‘Til one day she realized gone were her dreams

Finally she pondered of what she once knew,
How He would hold her and kiss her and comfort her too
How she never had to walk alone or afraid,
If only she turned to the One by whom she was made
She fell on her face and sobbed and sobbed,
Lamenting over all she’d been robbed

Then tenderly He embraced her and drew her near,
Reminding her sweetly that she was dear
His touch was tender, compassionate and kind,
She realized so quickly He was renewing her mind
Dear child so weary, broken and worn,
Why do you insist on being torn

I’ve sacrificed utterly to make you complete,
All you need do is sit at My feet
Allow me to strengthen and make you free,
The only fare is surrender to Me

In victory she walks, her head held high
Not prideful or boasting but by His side
She knew more battles were coming one day
But fear didn’t grip her or cause her to stray

She surrendered completely and decided to trust
The One who was flawless and made her from dust
Hand in hand they now journey this life so restored
She was fulfilled and delivered by the One she adored