Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emmanuel, God with Us

Those of you that know me know that I have a real passion for sunrises and sunsets. I find often that the Lord speaks to my heart through nature. As I was driving to work Thursday morning, the sky was overcast and cloudy. However, the clouds were bright. Even though you couldn't see the sun behind nor between the clouds, you could tell it was there. I could imagine its silent presence cheering the clouds on. An unseen encourager rooting for the underdog. He was there, even though the clouds didn't realize it, he was there. They didn't even notice that he shone through them in spite of their darkness.

I felt the Lord take me on a short journey through moments of my own life. All the times I felt I couldn't go on, or the moments I felt betrayed, abandoned, forgotten, damaged or alone, He was there, perhaps hidden behind the dark clouds of abuse or pain but there nonetheless. How could I go through my day to day life with so much pain in my heart that it took my breath away and not know the only reason I didn't fall apart was because He was there holding me together? I can remember years after my divorce many women coming to me and telling me how much they respected me for all I had gone through and how strong I remained in the Lord through it all.  I would think to myself, "Are you crazy? I was a basket case." I feel that in spite of all my fears, all my doubts and all my shortcomings, Christ was able to shine through the darkness. It wasn't in anything I had to offer but all because of His amazing mercy and grace. He is not a fair weather friend. He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. And even though we falsely accuse Him of being unconcerned, uncaring, unsympathetic, uninterested or just plain too busy, He still chooses to be our Constant Companion offering peace, hope faith and unconditional love.

Ironically at Christmastime more than at any other time during the year, Christ can be unseen, hidden behind the clouds. How can we leave Christ out of Christmas? It's such a hectic time and we prepare months in advance. We spend time with family, in church, even discussing His birth and preparing for Christmas day but often forget to ponder His Presence with us moment by moment. He is with us, not because we feel Him nor because we're talking to Him but because He has chosen to make His abode in our hearts. In the darkest moments we have this assurance that He is there, an unseen Encourager rooting for the underdog. He is there even when we don't realize His Presence. So, dear brother, dear sister, I encourage you even when you can't see Him, God is at work. When dark clouds loom, He is near. He has not forgotten you. He has not abandoned you. He is not uncaring nor unsympathetic to your plight. You can trust Him to lead you through the darkness, through the pain and in spite of where you may be, He can give you a song of praise upon your lips. I leave you with these amazing words from Mercy Me's, "Jesus Bring the Rain": 

♫♫ I can count a million times, people asking me how I can praise You with all that I've gone through. This question just amazes me, could circumstances possibly change who I forever am in You? So I pray, bring me joy, bring me peace, bring the chance to be free. Bring me anything that brings You glory. And I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain but if that's what it takes to praise You, Jesus bring the rain. ♫♫


  1. Connie...I cannot tell you how much this has ministered to me!!!! I feel like you wrote it just for me.... the most amazing thing is one of my most saddest times
    in my life...I know that God is there..I have a Peace...and a trust in God....its strange ...what I'm going through would of crippled me ...but God ....I never have felt him like this....thank you for sharing out of your life experience...this is why...because one day..God would use you to minister to Lisa's that would be facing divorce...may God Bless your obedience and openness to share such a part of your life and How God is there!!!!

  2. Oh my dear, dear friend. I'm so sorry you are facing dark clouds in your life but I am so thankful that the Son is shining behind you and cheering you on. May you sense His peace like never before. I pray in the midst of the storm raging all around you, His Presence would overshadow you. Be encouraged my sweet sister, God has you in the Palm of His Hand. You will be in my prayers. Love you much!!!!